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Wireless Emporium is almost a decade old company which provides its customers with thousands of cell phone products at discounted prices. Wireless Emporium started as a kiosk at the Main Place Mall at Santa Ana, California but now it has transformed into a huge corporation offering convenient shopping, heavy discounts and a variety of products to choose from. They have all the popular brands like Motorola, Apple, Blackberry, LG, Samsung and others. Besides they also offer cell phone covers, batteries, chargers and other accessories to fit into the lifestyle of their customers. In terms of customer service, Wireless Emporium provides 100% satisfaction guarantee and free shipping irrespective of the value of the order. If the customer is not satisfied with the product that they have bought, they can return it and get immediate replacement or refund. In order to get a refund after deducting the shipping charges, the customer would have to return the product within 90 days of purchase.

Wireless Emporium – Cell Phone Accessories Shopping Site

Wireless Emporium carries a lot of products, in fact thousands of them that the retailer just can’t afford to carry. They have a team who are on the lookout for adding new products, test them and if found suitable offer it for sale on their website. This gives their customers superior product choice and quality. Even if the customer is unable to find a suitable product, they can contact Wireless Emporium and they will try to respond within one business day. Wireless Emporium offers free shipping via USPS first class on all their products irrespective of the invoice value. The customer can also choose to get their order faster by ordering Priority Mail and paying an extra flat fee for it. In fact, if the shopper is buying many products, they can take advantage of the flat fee and get multiple products shipped faster for the same fee. Once the order is placed, Wireless Emporium ships it within 1-2 business days. They charge the customer’s credit card only after the shipping is done.

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Wireless Emporium has tied up with special distributors and leveraged their bulk inventory buying power to offer ridiculous discounts to the shopper which other stores find difficult to match. The savings are passed on to the customers and majority of the products are shipped directly from the manufacturer to the customer. They do not offer the fancy packaging that the retailer offers but the product is of the same quality and so it makes better sense for the customer to buy it from Wireless Emporium. However Wireless Emporium only offers products online and ships them to the customer. They do not have a retail outlet where the customer can pick up their product.

The Wireless Emporium website uses the latest secured e-commerce technology with the highest standards online so that the customer’s personal and financial information are not compromised. If this is not enough for satisfying the customer and they are still worried about ordering online, Wireless Emporium has also the facility to order on phone. However, Wireless Emporium only ships the products within the United States and ships only cell phone accessories to Canada.

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