Secret Button For WordPress


Do you know how to see secret button on wordpress 2.1 or wordpress 2.31? If you use Firefox just press alt-shift-v and if you use IE just press alt-v. Before you use this button, confirm that you already active your "Use the visual editor when writing" in user-->Your Profile. « Continue »

How To Jailbreak Apple TV On iOS 4.3 With Seas0nPass

Now the Seas0nPass jailbreaking tool has been updated and it can be used to jailbreak the new iOS 4.3 for Apple TV (second generation). This updation of Seas0nPass is restricted to the tethered boot method. You should have the following equipment with you. Micro USB cable iTunes version 10.2.1 iOS operating system version 4.3 for Apple TV (second generation) Seas0nPass tool for Mac Step by « Continue »

Firefox 3.0 Easter Egg

With the release of Firefox 3.0, Mozilla has an Easter Egg. Type “about:robots” in Firefox address bar and press Enter. It show a page having title as “Gort! Klaatu barada nikto!” with some pretty cool stuff. Another firefox Easter Egg “The Book of Mozilla”, try typing “about:mozilla” on your firefox browser. « Continue »

Shinning Background effect

I will show you how to create a simple and shinning background effect using photoshop. Lets start with a new document with a black background (size 600 x 600 pixels) Then press D on your keyboard to reset your colors, And then press X to swap them. Select your brush tool. Use the following settings: Start creating some random lines like in the following image using your brush tool: Go to « Continue »

Photoshop wind text effect

I will show you how to create a good wind text effect using photoshop like the one below. Start by creating a new document size 500X300 and fill it with black,then use text tool to add your text in canvas ( I use white color ). Now duplicate the text layer and go to the original layer and go to filter > stylize > wind , then use the following options. Press ctrl + f to repeat the filter,go « Continue »