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Safe Eyes for home, Safe Eyes Mobile and Safe Eyes Business is now a part of McAfee and they provide internet filtering solutions for your home, mobile and business. Safe Eyes is the filtering solution for home users, Safe Eyes Mobile keeps people safe as they are travelling and Safe Eyes Business helps the business organizations work in a safe and productive environment.

Safe EyesSafe Eyes For Home

Safe Eyes is an award winning parental control software for home users. This software includes content controls which allows to select appropriate websites. It has program controls which allows control over instant messengers, file sharing softwares, internet filter, etc. Time controls enable monitoring of time and usage logging creates a log of sites visited, programs used and chats. Usage alerts sends out notifications when someone visits inappropriate websites. Safe Eyes allows category blocking, custom lists of banned and allowed sites and enables safe search on all search engines. It also allows clip by clip filtering of youtube videos and blocks explicit downloads through itunes. It also has the facility of recording sensitive information posted on social networking sites and blocking social networks altogether.

Safe Eyes Mobile

Safe Eyes Mobile is a filtering solution designed for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The award winning technology of Safe Eyes is built right into the core of the mobile browser for unmatched filtering of inappropriate content. It works exactly like the other features of these mobile devices so that the user has a familiar environment. It has got pinch and tap zoom, bookmarks and built in Google search and multiple pages. You can use the same settings for Safe Eyes whether it is on your computer or mobile device. Whether you are using 3G, Wi-Fi or Edge, Safe Eyes Mobile can use the same protection settings.

Safe Eyes Business

Safe Eyes Business gives you a centralized filtering solution for your business, school or church. Whether it is 20 users or 20,000 users, everything can be managed through one centralized web portal. You can also change settings for individuals or groups. Safe Eyes monitors the activities of the employees and this data could prove to be vital for arresting productivity loss due to internet abuse. This solution also works effectively to block unwanted site and other inappropriate content from thriving on the internal business networks. Monitoring of internet activity of all employees and ability to customize settings for individuals or groups are powerful features. Safe Eyes Business can also block file transfer programs and other bandwidth draining programs like media players, iTunes and instant messaging programs.

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