Paragon System Backup 10 Special Edition License Key Giveaway

Paragon System Backup is a backup recovery software designed by Paragon Software Group (PSG). It simple to use, smart and secure technology. Paragon System Backup help you easily to backup files and PC system such as Bookmarks, passwords, software, drivers, Windows and data.

Paragon System Backup 10 Special Edition

Paragon System Backup Features

  • Backup entire PC at secure place with maximum protection
  • No needed to restart or close application during backup process
  • Not slow down your system performance
  • Simply to set your backup time and this software automatically do for you.
  • Advanced feature allow users to Set parameters for snapshot storage, Specify which volumes to secure, Specify exclude masks to prevent backup of unimportant data, etc.
  • System Restore help you recover your previous PC performance and setting
  • Simply to extract folders and data from a backup image without needing to restore the whole image
  • Bootable recovery option help if your PC problem to boot and Recovery CD help if your hard disk malfunctions.

How to Get Paragon System Backup 10 Special Edition License Key for FREE ?

Paragon System Backup price at $29.95. For a limited time until April 22, you can get free registration key for Paragon System Backup 10 Special Edition by visiting this Paragon Facebook Fan Page and click on like button. Enter your name, last name, email, select your country and language then click submit button. You will receive your registration key in your email in 15 minutes.

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