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Norton Internet Security 4 for Mac is the latest and the most speedy piece of software for total security against dangers lurking on the internet. This software is priced at $79.99 for a license for one year protection for 1 Mac. The main technological features included in the Norton Internet Security 4 for Mac are anti-virus mechanism, protection against phishing, protection from identity theft, security from internet worms, two-way firewall, protection from website vulnerability, protection from hackers, web browser security for safe surfing and file security.

Norton Internet Security 4 for Mac Features

Norton Internet Security 4 for Mac provides extensive security features and foolproof protection for your Mac. It has the combined features of the security system available with the Norton Antivirus 11 for Mac and Norton Confidential. It has got the ability to find out and clean internet threats on its own. It has also got the ability to scan and clean the files which are downloaded on your Mac including email attachments. It constantly observes the emails and instant messages for potential dangers so that you can send or receive files without any fear. The software provides full support for Mac computers which are based on Intel and PowerPC processors. The company also provides technical support free of charge to resolve any customer issues that may arise.

Norton Internet Security 4 for Mac

Buy and Download Norton Internet Security 4 For Mac

In terms of protection from identity theft, Norton Internet Security 4 for Mac software helps to keep your identity and other critical information safe by defending you against internet based dangers. The advanced protection against phishing feature helps to keep your personal identification data safe and secured from potentially fraudulent websites. It even encrypts your sensitive data so that it cannot be modified or stolen by keylogging softwares and other such stuff. It has also got a feature known as the Confidential File Guard which protects your files with a password so others cannot access it.

Norton Internet Security 4 for Mac aims to provide total security for your Mac without any interruptions in your ongoing work. The two way firewall makes educated decisions regarding incoming and outgoing security aspects. This feature controls the method in which applications connect to the internet, people who can connect to your Mac and the extent of access they can have within the system. Norton Internet Security 4 for Mace software also enables the user to monitor and personalize their network connections. It runs silently in the background doing its work effectively without requiring the user to respond to confusing security alerts again and again. Norton Internet Security 4 for Mac provides automatic updates during the subscription period so that the user does not have to worry whether their security system is the latest or not. Besides the software also has other features like a simplistic and easy to work user interface, ability to auto-detect and eliminate trojans, spyware, viruses, malware and other internet worms. It also checks and verifies popular banking and shopping websites and does not allow operation of phishing websites. It is compatible with Mac OS X v10.4 and 10.5 and runs effectively on Intel and PowerPC processor based Mac computers.

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