How To Unlock Android Phone If Forgotten Unlock Pattern

On Android phones, you can activated a feature option for your phone security using a pattern lock. This option help you to lock your Android phone from misuse by your friends or family. Pattern lock get a screen with 9 dots allow you to draw a pattern you like and this step show you how set a custom unlock pattern on your Android:

Settings > Location & security > Change screen lock > Pattern.

If you forgot your unlock pattern on your Android phone after several time you try to unlock, you need to sign in with your google account and password to unlock it. Here is another trick if you forgot your google account and password to unlock your Android phone also you dont need to do a Hard Reset on your Android smartphone:

  1. Like a picture above, enter your Google account username in the username field. As an example, your Gmail is [email protected] then username will be abcdef
  2. In the password field, enter the password as: null
  3. Now your Android phone automatically get unlocked and set your new unlock pattern. Done.

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