1. Still, eBay screws the seller (poisonously high fees, one sided dispute process, horribly arrogant customer “no-”service, etc) and backs the buyer every time. Unless eBay evens the field, provide recourse for wronged sellers, the sellers – the HONEST sellers – will get disgusted and leave.

  2. eBay lets the buyers trample all over the sellers..Ive long since moved to other platforms

  3. is a great idea, but unfortunately it only lists 27 bidders as of today. That list is way too short – I have more blocked bidders on my auctions alone !

  4. eh, buyers should have a ‘block seller’ list. (i’m sick of seeing multiple accounts with one seller who not only can’t get their crap straight but can’t even finish a transaction without making a mess of things.

    got a seller now who’s soo inept i just want to block the little SOB for a number of reasons.. so i don’t come across their I.D.s and situations again…. especially sellers who can’t buy their own clues NOR stop pestering non-potential buyers.

    heh, this is a fruitless persuit. (sellers are whinerbags anyhow.)

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