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BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate is a technology that helps to get an exact copy of a CD, DVD or VCD on another storage device. This can be done by burning to a DVD disc or by backing up DVDs to hard drives as ISO or DVD folder. You can use this technology on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate giveaway unlimited license key code

BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate Features

You can now easily create a duplicate with 100% originality. With this software, you can copy every part of the DVD so that nothing is left. Technologies used by this software include GPU accelerating technology and unique sector-to-sector copying technology. It also has very good unlocking technology to enable it unlock any kind of copy protections. These features guarantee great success whenever there is need to copy content from DVD disk or when it is important to save DVD contents on a hard drive. As a matter of fact, these functions are carried out within few minutes. BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate removes protections on DVD such as CSS, CPPM, CPRM, APS, RC, RCE, UOPS, Rip-Guard, SONY ARccOS and Disney X-DRM. The BDlot is updated regularly to increase its strength of removing any protection that may arise in the future.

Make a Complete Replica of DVD on Blank DVD

Everything that is present on a DVD can be transferred to an empty DVD plate such that the audio and graphics in the original one is copied in the exact way to the second one. In fact, it is even difficult to differentiate the two after the operation. Another great importance of using this is the fact that it uses GPU accelerating technology, which makes the work to be done in very few minutes.

Transfer Everything in DVD to Hard Drive or USB

BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate helps you create alternative storage for your DVD-9 and DVD-5 movies in the form of ISO image. DVD folders can also be stored on hard drives or USB. Apart from this, you can also transfer DVD to MPEG2 files without altering the original sound and features. The alternative storage makes it easier to keep files for a very long time.

Backups for DVD main Movie to Save Some Balance

BDlot DVD clone ultimate helps you collect specific items from your DVD so that more space can be created on your hard drive for backing up other files. For example, you can decide to extract video or audio contents from your DVD and use them for other functions.

Save Time and Stress while Burning to Empty DVD

You will find it very convenient to burn DVDs when using this BDlot DVD clone Ultimate software. You will only have to follow very simple procedures when burning ISO files or DVD folders to empty or rewritable DVD plates. More so, there are easy steps to take for you to successfully burn VOB or MPEG files to DVD discs. The software employs advanced technology to enable you do this very easily. It also has the virtual DVD drive that makes work easier by creating more space for storage.

How to Get BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate Free License Key

In cooperating with Eric from, we can giveaway unlimited number of BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate software with License Keycode (This license can be used unlimited update). You can download BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate Installer from below link and submit comment for this giveaway. The giveaway will start from July 13, 2011 and end on July 20, 2011 and the winner will notified via email (registration/license key code will be send to your email). Don’t forget to submit your valid email address in the comments.

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