5 Best Free iTunes Alternatives For Windows

There are several free Windows alternatives for iTunes today, but here are the 5 best iTunes alternatives for Windows chosen just for you. These iTunes alternatives will allow you to copy music to your iPod. You must remember that most of them are not meant for the iPhone or iPod touch, and you will have to continue using iTunes for those.

Here are the 5 best iTunes alternatives as of now:

SharePod (Download)


SharePod has gained huge popularity as the best iTunes alternative that exists today. This one is great to use, with its intuitive interface and it’s small in size too. Using Sharepod, you can even get your iPod music library backed up.  The main feature of Sharepod is the ability to install it on your iPod directly, allowing you to run it from any computer, on which iTunes is not installed.

Winamp (Download)

winamp download

Everybody knows that Winamp is a great media player. But what many don’t know is that it is possible to sync their iPod with Winamp. This is a great free option to iTunes.  If you already have some other media player installed on your computer, uninstall that and install Winamp.  This one will take care of your iPod as well as let you enjoy all sorts of music.  If Winamp does not work for you as is, then install an iPod plugin for Winamp. (Winamp to iPod tutorial)

CopyTrans Manager (Download)

CopyTrans Manager

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Yet another great iTunes alternative, the CopyTrans Manager is the latest in the line of free iTunes alternatives, and hence supports the newer iPod versions. Some say that it supports iPod Touch also, but somehow that didn’t work for me.

Foobar2000 (Download)


This one is a really interesting media player. It provides iPod support and is great in its use of system resources, which is very, very low. The functionality of Foobar2000 can be greatly increased by using different plugins. Foobar2000 is one of the few good free alternatives to iTunes.

FroodlePod (Download)


A nice and simple iTunes alternative, FroodlePod supports all versions of iPod except the iPod Touch.

With so many good iTunes alternatives at your disposal, what are you waiting for? Download the ones you feel suit your needs the best.

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